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Our sister lodge, Lodge Silver Cross No 17 UGLQ

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  • 17 June 2020 - Zoom session TBA

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Malcolm Lambert

Does your organisation really have a member named Mal Lambert?
I have been searching the web to see if I could find if there are any other people with my name out there and a photo on this website came up.
My name is Mal Lambert and I live on the south coast of NSW. If your Mal would like to contact me I would be interested to hear from him. Thanks, Mal Lambert.
PS ..... Go the Blues ( just kidding, we are goint to get flogged again this year as usual )

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Is Mal Lambert your organization member?

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About Lodge St George

  • Lodge St George is a Masonic Lodge based in Brisbane Australia and is numbered 246 on the roll of the United Grand Lodge of Queensland. It was originally consecrated Lodge St George No 1152 under the Scottish Constitution in 1915. In 1920 St George joined the Queensland Grand Lodge as No 180. The Lodge changed its name to Yeronga and number to 246 when the United Grand Lodge of Queensland was formed in 1921. In 2013 Yeronga was granted permission by the Most Worshipful Grand Master to resume its original name of Lodge St George and retain its roll number of 246. Lodge St George still maintains its Scottish Ritual Work. In 2015 we celebrated our Centenary with a Re-enactment of Consecration Ceremony. Lodge St George meets at the Masonic Memorial Centre, 311 Ann Street in Brisbane on the 3rd Wednesday night of each month except June. Tyling time is 7.00pm. We conduct our Installation Ceremony in on the 3rd Saturday in June each year.

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